Truck and a Radio - Lights down low
Six pack on - Favorite song
Hot summer night – Hold her tight
Riding with the KC’s up-
Barefoot girl on the dashboard stuff

Songs about letting go - Old back roads
Some gravel patch- Got off the blacktop fast
Bon fires & tailgate bars –That big ‘ol scar
Down to the river we go -

Then back to the truck and a radio

Gonna let the good times roll -Swingin’ from a tire & rope
Runnin’ down a dirt road wrong - Good & gone
On to the levee we roll -Kickin’ with the boy’s in tow
George Jones blastin’ from the door of a 1996 Silverado
Stirrin’ up red dirt - Boots and a mini skirt

Then back to the truck and a radio

Was gonna be allright –‘Til Johnny picked up a fight
Took the long way home – She was singin’ her favorite song
This moment, make it last – Movin’ way too fast

Let’s go…… Back to the Truck and a Radio

Truck and a Radio/C.13 Dave Erdmann
Knee Ridge Music/BMI