1. Recon
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Hometown – All Right
Things Jumpin – On A Friday Night
Old Friends – Cold Beer
Get A Change Around Here

Remember Cold Nights – Drunken Fights
Wet Feet With The Girl Down The Street
Come Humble – Wanderin’ Blind
On A Levee Of Crippled Design
What’s In Store - I Don’t Know

Doin’ Recon

There You Stand – Blue Jeans Tight
Too Much Ready – Not Enough Right
Thinkin’ ‘Bout The Times We Had
Where Did That Girl Go – Has Your Heart Been Bled
Wishin’.. Get Outa Here - Then The Rain Came Down
Washed Away All Our Tears
Come On Baby - What Says Right
Right Now – Tonight

Let’s Do Some Recon

What’s Right – What’s Wrong
I Forgot - What Is Your Favorite Song
Where Does The River Go To Sit –Down Deep, I Bet
What Could Ever Go Wrong?

Let’s Do Some Recon

RECON/C.15 Dave Erdmann / Knee Ridge Music/BMI