1. Runaway
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Here’s To The Angels, Sailors and Them Rich Girls
They All Got A Place In This World
In the Belly Of A Whale With My Runaway

Breathin’ Hard In The Bottom Of A Coal Pit
Just Older Still Going Through The Same Shit
Thinkin’ Just The Other Day ‘Bout My Runaway

There’s A Place In Dreams
Where We All Can Be
Anyone But Who You Are
Toughen Up ‘Cause Honey Playin’ The Fool
Ain’t Gonna Get You Far
Hold On Tight, Have Faith And Believe
Takes A Little Bit Of Guts
And Some Gasoline
But Love’s Like A New Set Of Tires To My Runaway

Now Listen To This, Are Your Eyes Open Wide
Fuck This Up I’m Gonna Have Your Hide
Never Go Givin’ It Up - My Runaway
You Might Run ‘Til You Drop – But You Can’t Runaway
The Road & A New Set Of Tires - My Runaway

Runaway/C.90 Dave Erdmann
Knee Ridge Music / B.M.I.