1. Ready
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I’m Ready, What Else I Got To Lose
A Couple 100 Dollar Bills Or Get A Hole In My Cowboy Boots
Pride, Love, Dignity
Throw Me In That Kitchen & Turn Up The Heat
‘Cause I’m Ready

Are You Ready, What Else You Got To Lose
You Can Hold On Steady, To These Slow Movin’ Blues
Caught In A Crossfire Of Debate
Hell, My Minds All Over The Place
I’m Ready

Keep Your Head Down & Swing Easy
Head Filled Without A Thought
Standin’ In Crossroads With Walkin Talk That Just Won’t Stop
Down Here Lookin’ Up Take It From A Man Who Knows
Waitin’ For My Turn At Heavens Gate
I Hope To Hell It Ain’t Closed…..I’m Ready

Spinnin’ Spinnin’ Spinnin’ On This Big ‘Ol Rock
Roll With Me Honey ‘Cause We Just Can’t Stop It
Warm Tequila On A Hot Summers Night
‘Oughta Get You Some Trouble If It Works Out Right
I’m Ready