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All I Want To See Is Tonight
Want To Feel Allright
Feel The Sun On My Face In The Morning
In The Winter
The Pouring Rain
Snow On A Sunny Day
Everything’s Gonna Be OK
Hold On, The Last Train Wreck

If You Thought The Wreck Was Over
Look At What You’ve Undone
A Pile Of Cash, Wedding Rings, Cars And Houses
Multiple Things… Promises

You Think You Can Swim On The Sea Of Life
‘Til The Lake Gone Up And Dried
Wish I Woulda Got My Hands On A Woman
When I Was Livin’ Large
As Big As It Gets
Sow Something To Believe In
Angel Wings I’ll Soon Be Leavin’
Hold On, The Last Train Wreck

You’ll Always Have To Wonder
What Could Or Not Could Have Been
Some Unfortunate Things Bought On Borrowed Dreams
Or Worse… Never Believin’

The Last Train Wreck