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  1. Rules Of The Road
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You Never Learned The Rules Of The Road
That’s Why You’re Talkin’ To Me
Never Slowed Down To Lighten Your Load
Now Baby It’s Too Late To See It

Make My Livin’ Burnin’ Dinosaur Bones
Goin’ Places These Wheels Can’t Reach
Any Honky Tonk Memories I Try To Forget
The Highway Reminds Me For Free

Shift This Rig Into Low
You Gotta Know The Rules Of The Road

Drivin’ 18 Wheels Alone
Just Countin’ The Miles I’ve Seen
These Weathered Worn Tires Act Like They Care
And Some How Make Me Believe

But Man This Asphalt is Cold
You Gotta Know The Rules Of The Road

Rollin’ Down This Highway
Like A Bullet Without A Name
Rails Without A Train
Every White Line Looks The Same
This Old Peterbuilt Feels Like Home
Know You Know The Rules Of The Road

Rules Of The Road - C.10 George Frayne - Large Whale Songs-Bug
Dave Erdmann