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  1. Texas Heart
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There’s A Texas Heart See’s Hope Where Ever It Goes
Thoughts Float On The Wind
Like Cotton Burrows On A Breeze

Up And Out Of Here With Nowhere Left To Go
But To The End Of A Short Or Long Road
Whatever It’s Been Or Will Be-Road Through A Texas Heart

This Texas Heart Like Cold Snow On A Highway
Can Give You As Tough Of A Ride
As You Would Like

Slow And Easy
Fast And Hard
Don’t Matter Much To Me This Road Through A Texas Heart

Forged From Dust And Forgotten Dreams
And The Promise Of New Tomorrows
Down At The Crossroads Lookin At Me Is The Only Thing I
Ever Followed-This Road Through A Texas Heart

Hitchhike Into The Sun It’ll Make You Look Restless&Mean
Thought We Could Follow Whatever We Wanted
Before The Sun Set On Belief

Texas Heart Wild & Free As Big As The Mountain You’re Tryin To Swallow
And Not Bust It Up At The Seams